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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Restoring Your House After Extensive Water Damage

by Bernard Jennings

When your house has been severely damaged by flooding, hiring a residential water damage restoration contractor can be an important step due to the numerous services that they can offer clients that are needing to oversee this type of major restoration work.

Assessing For Damage To Structural Supports

One of the first steps that need to be taken when a home has suffered extensive water damage will be to complete an assessment of any structural supports that may have suffered damage. Unfortunately, it is possible for these supports to have experienced potentially catastrophic damage due to the water. This can be the result of the water physically rotting and weakening these supports or it may be the result of the weight from the water cracking and shifting these supports. Unfortunately, individuals may assume that it will take many feet of water to cause this type of damage, but the weight of even a few inches of water could put tremendous strain on these components.  

Cleaning And Potentially Replacing Surfaces That Were Damaged

The surfaces in the home that get water can quickly experience severe damage and deterioration as a result of moisture exposure. During the restoration process, a large amount of attention will need to be focused on cleaning and repairing any surfaces that were impacted by the flooding. Unfortunately, there are some surfaces that may be far more likely to have to be replaced as a result of this type of exposure. Wood flooring and drywall can be two examples of these types of materials as they can be heavily damaged by largescale water exposure while also being very difficult to repair. In the case of drywall, it is likely to rot and mold will develop soon after the flooding as a result of the moisture getting trapped deep in the drywall.  

Completing Inspections To Ensure All The Water Damage Has Been Repaired

Once the contractors have finished the water damage restoration work, they will complete a comprehensive survey of the house. This will allow them to verify that all of the damage has been sufficiently restored. In many cases, you may want to accompany these professionals on this step in the process so that you can ask questions and verify for yourself that the damage to the house has been completely restored. In most cases, this walkthrough may be very short to complete, but those with larger homes or houses that suffered widespread water damage may take longer for this step.

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