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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Tile Cleaning Makes Your Tiles And Grout Look Fresh And Clean

by Bernard Jennings

No matter how often you sweep and mop your tile floor, it can gradually get dirty and stained, especially in the grout lines. Mopping tends to move dirty water in the grout lines where it dries and makes the lines dirtier and more discolored over time. 

A good way to freshen your tile is to hire a tile cleaning service to steam clean your floor. You might be surprised at how different your floor looks once the deep dirt has been removed. Here is information on tile cleaning that you may want to know.

The Process Usually Includes Cleaning And Sealing

The tile cleaning company uses powerful commercial equipment to clean the tiles and grout. They'll use a water extractor so water that's sprayed on the floor gets vacuumed up immediately. This prevents standing water and water damage.

After that, the tile cleaning company might apply a sealer to the floor to seal the grout. This is important since grout is porous and will soak up dirty mop water and tracked-in dirt to get stained again quickly. The sealer keeps the grout from soaking up dirt and stains.

Tile Cleaning Involves A Few Steps

The tile cleaning company will probably start cleaning your floor by vacuuming it to get rid of dirt and grit. Then they'll use cleaning products to break up stains and dirt. They may need to scrub the tile or grout to get tough stains out.

After that, they can steam clean the floor. This forces water and steam onto the tile and grout and then extracts it right away. This deep cleans your floor. When steam cleaning is finished, they may set up drying fans so the floor dries out fast. You'll probably need to stay off the floor until it's completely dry.

Sealing Protects The Grout

If you choose to have your tile floor sealed too, the tile cleaning service can apply the sealer after cleaning the floor. Sealer goes on similar to wax. The sealer is clear so it's invisible when dry. It's intended for the grout since it's much more porous than tile. However, the service may apply it to the tile too so it's easy to spread around the floor. The sealer won't harm the tile or make it look cloudy.

You can probably walk on the floor as soon as the sealer is dry, but it may take a day or so for the sealer to cure completely. Then, your floor will be protected and easier to clean.

Contact a local tile cleaning service, such as Wood's Cleaning & Restoration, to learn more.