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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Three Ways Regular Carpet Cleaning Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

by Bernard Jennings

There are a number of benefits associated with regularly cleaning your carpet, including extending the lifespan of your carpet and ensuring your carpet looks its best. One of the lesser-known benefits associated with regular carpet cleaning is that regular carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. Carpet cleaning helps to remove elements that vacuuming alone cannot remove. Here are three of the different ways that routine carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health. 

Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust and Dander

One of the ways regular carpet cleaning can benefit you is by removing dust and dander. When you vacuum, you are able to remove a fair amount of dust and dander from your carpets. But dust and dander that are embedded in the carpet fiber and the carpet padding can be left behind. When you walk across the carpet or a child or pet plays or rolls on the carpet, that dust and dander can be released into the air. If you are an allergy sufferer, this can set off your allergies. Carpet cleaning helps to remove that dust and dander, making your home a bit healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies. 

Carpet Cleaning Kills Germs and Bacteria

Another way that carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health is by killing germs and bacteria. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning methods involve the use of water that is hot enough to kill the germs and bacteria that can be present on your carpet. Vacuuming does not kill germs and bacteria, which leave these elements behind. 

Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent Mold Growth   

The last way that routine carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health is by helping to prevent mold growth. Moisture can become trapped in your carpets as items are spilled on your carpets or people track in moisture on the bottom of their shoes. If you live in a humid environment, the humidity can even cause moisture to build up in your carpet or carpet padding. This moisture can help mildew or mold grow. Mold can be extremely harmful to your health. Carpet cleaning helps to remove moisture and mold spores from your carpet, helping to prevent mold growth. 

Most experts recommend that you have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you have heavy foot traffic, children, pets, or allergies, you may need your carpets cleaned more frequently. You should also call in a professional to clean your carpets as soon as a spill happens to prevent staining. Properly caring for your carpets can help to extend the life of the carpets, while also helping you to stay healthier.

For more information on carpet cleaning, contact a professional near you.