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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Key Reasons Why You Should Soft Wash Your Roof Today

by Bernard Jennings

A great roof is one that is solid, firmly intact, and sound enough to protect the rest of your home from the elements. Roofs are often the first point of contact for elements such as intense sunlight and pounding rain so it's not uncommon for them to suffer the signs of such exposure as time goes on. Your own roof may be discolored due to algae or mildew and you're trying to determine what to do about it. Instead of pulling out a pressure washer, check out why it's better to use a soft washing technique instead.

Don't Risk Voiding Your Warranty

Using a pressure washer on your roof can actually end up causing more harm than good. The amount of power that comes from the hose of a pressure washer might be just fine when used on your siding. However, when you try to use the same force on your roof the results could be less than ideal.

It's important to understand that the shingles on your roof are covered in granules. These granules are there to limit the amount of heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays that each tile will absorb from the sun. Excessive sunlight can do quite a number on shingles that don't have granules on them. The water that comes from pressure washers is often so strong that it blasts away the granules, leaving the shingles bare and without any kind of protection. This could cause premature deterioration and if you ever need to file a claim against your warranty because the roof starts to leak, you may be hit with a resounding, "No," simply because you failed to do your due diligence to prevent the situation from occurring.

Soft Washing Safely Removes Debris

The soft washing method combines a gentle spray of water with a combination of chemicals that are designed to remove algae without damaging the structure of your roof. Algae has a tendency to feed off of the moisture in your shingles and this could cause the tiles to rot. When you soft wash the roof you remove the algae and other debris so that you preserve the covering of your home for as long as possible.

There are service professionals all across the country available to soft wash your roof so you can rest assured that it is being done the right way. Contact a cleaning service near you to schedule your soft washing session right away.

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