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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Buying A New Home? Make Sure You Test Radon Levels First

by Bernard Jennings

If you are buying a new home, there are many things you should do before you move in. This will ensure you and your family are safe. One of these things is radon home testing. Below is information on what this is and how your home can be tested. 


Radon is a gas that is naturally found in soil, water, and rocks. Radon can get into a home in many ways, such as through construction materials, like concrete or granite, well water, the soil, through openings, such as the foundation, basement flooring, and joints in the walls.  Any home can have radon no matter how old it is or where it is located. 

There is no way for you to know if there are high levels of radon in a home because you cannot see it or smell it. It is important that you do the testing because breathing in radon for long periods of time can cause lung cancer

Radon Testing

Radon testing should be done in all homes every few years. Ask the real estate agent or the current homeowner if radon testing has been done and if so, the last time this was done. They should be able to show you paperwork proving the test was done and that the radon levels were safe. 

If the home has not been tested, you can purchase a home test kit to test the radon levels. If you want to be sure, however, hire a company that does radon testing. The contractor will place the radon test kit on the lowest level inside your home, which may be the first floor or a basement. It is important that the test is not near air conditioning or heat registers, laundry equipment, or fans. All windows and doors are closed during the test. 

The test generally takes a couple of days. The contractor will seal off the rooms that are being tested. It is important that you do not open the doors or any windows during this time. If you have children, pets, etc., make sure they cannot open the door. 

Once the test is complete, the contractor sends it to a laboratory that will test the levels. If the levels are high, the contractor or a radon remediation specialist, will take steps to get the levels down to the appropriate level. This includes closing all openings and cracks in the foundation, basement floors, and other areas, installing plastic sheeting, and more. 

The contractor that tests your home can give you much more information on the testing and what is done if the levels are high.