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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Tips for a Successful Home Exterior Pressure Washing Project

by Bernard Jennings

The outside of your home is exposed to many types of stains from blowing dirt, droppings from birds and insects, mildew growth, and other discoloration. Even with the best efforts to keep your landscaping looking great, if the exterior of your home including your deck and concrete patio are discolored and dirty, it will make your home look dingy and worn. Here are some recommendations to help you get your home exterior and other surfaces clean with a pressure washing treatment.

Arrange for the Right Equipment

When you are planning to clean the outside of your home, you should rent or use equipment that is going to provide you with enough pressure to properly clean the exterior material. However, a pressure washer can provide a great deal of pressure from various sizes of tips, and you don't want to use one that produces dangerously high pressure levels, as it will damage your home's exterior. For example, a pressure washer with a high-pressure tip will damage wood, aluminum, and vinyl exteriors so you should make sure to use a softer pressure tip. When you use the equipment, make sure you understand what type of nozzle you will need. If you are renting the pressure washer, consult with the rental technician so you have a clear understanding.

It is also important that you plan to use a detergent that is going to help you clean off the dirt and stains from the outside of your home. If you don't use detergent, you will rely on the water pressure only, and this can cause you to damage the surface by using a strong pressure to remove the dirt. A moldicide cleaning solution will remove mold and mildew-based stains and a cleaner that has stain removal power can clear off some of the worst stains and discoloration from your home's exterior.

Use Protective Equipment

It is possible to complete your own exterior property cleaning with a pressure washer, but you don't want to forget your personal protection. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, which can happen from the force of the water. Also, be sure you don't use a ladder to reach higher areas of your home with the pressure washer. This can result in your falling off the ladder from the force of the water. If you need to access a taller story home, rent some scaffolding to position you up higher off the ground. 

To learn more, contact a residential pressure washing company.