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Identifying The Best Cleaners

The Three-Stage Residential Window Cleaning Process

by Bernard Jennings

Regular house cleaning is important for the health of hygiene of your family members. It also enhances the aesthetics of a home and makes it habitable. However, many homeowners usually ignore windows, window panes, and sills during general house cleaning. There are various reasons why homeowners ignore windows when cleaning the house. In some cases, the windows are too high to clean with ease, discouraging homeowners. Fortunately, professional window washers offer reliable residential window cleaning services using efficient cleaning equipment and supplies. Below are the three basic steps that window washers follow during service delivery.

Rub, Scrub, and Rinse Windows

Many people often overlook how often they touch windows when opening and closing them, which can spread germs and diseases in the home. Moreover, windows build up dust after a long period without proper cleaning, which can cause respiratory illnesses in the house through air contamination. Thus, the first step is to rub and scrub the windows thoroughly with professional-grade cleaning detergents and window cleaning solutions. Window washers scrub the panes and sills, eliminating dirt, stains, grime, and other contaminants. The windows will then be rinsed using clean water.

Squeegee the Window Panes

After scrubbing and rinsing the window panes, the next step is to squeegee the window panes clean using high-quality cleaning equipment. The window washer dries and removes all water present on the window panes, leaving them clean and dry. The window washer starts with the top strip when squeegeeing the window panes and works down the glass to ensure all areas on the window pane are clean. Window washers performing residential window cleaning, especially for huge homes, must be well-equipped because some windows are not accessible without a ladder for proper cleaning. Thus, professional window washers always have ladders, raised platforms, cradles, and rope access to reach far and high windows for thorough squeegeeing.

Clean the Window Sills and Ledges

Once the window washer dries all the water from the window panes, the last step entails cleaning the window sills and ledges. Many homeowners usually ignore window sills and edges during regular cleaning and instead focus only on the window panes. However, window sills accumulate a lot of dirt unnoticed because people only focus on how clear the windowpane is. Thus, homeowners should hire window washers to clean and dry the window edges and sills, removing the adhered dirt. Window washers may also apply the recommended window polish, giving the sills and ledges a clean appearance. Overall, homeowners should hire window washers for reliable cleaning services.