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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Office Building

by Bernard Jennings

Your office building can be cleaned professionally to help keep the spread of germs and bacteria low and to always have your building's interior presented in the best light. While you can clean your office spaces by having employees keep their work areas more organized, hiring a commercial janitor to do the work is in your business's best interests.

Why hire office building cleaning services? Here are a few reasons why this investment is well worth it.

1. Boost Employee Productivity

There are two main ways that hiring commercial office building cleaning benefits you: your employees remain healthier because they can work in a more clean and healthy environment, and your employees can stay focused on their actual jobs rather than keeping the office clean.

Commercial cleaning services work at keeping the filthiest parts of the office — like appliance buttons, desktop keyboards, and other common germ-infested items — as germ-free as possible. Bacteria and viruses thriving in commonly-shared office items can make people sick, particularly during cold and flu seasons where germs and viruses are easily spread. Hiring office building cleaning services to keep the workspaces clean on the regular helps cut down on employee illness, which equals less time out of the workplace year-round, potentially.

2. Boost Employee Morale

When employees are responsible only for minor desk and office cleanup of their own and not regular deeper office cleaning, they can focus on their work and keep deadlines going. Since workplace morale often revolves around having a clean and healthy environment to work in, office building cleaning is beneficial in this way as well. Workers can feel more motivated to provide their best work when they walk into an office space that is organized and smells clean.

While your employees should be encouraged to keep their workspaces clean while they are on the clock, hiring office building cleaning services to empty garbage cans, spray down appliances, commercially clean carpets, and walls, and perform other tasks with proper supplies and cleaning agents.

Working with Office Building Cleaning Services

Hiring a commercial janitor is more affordable than you may think. Since commercial cleaning services can be contracted and not put on your payroll, you can pay for their services only as needed and you don't have to buy the supplies and cleaning agents or put in the time to clean on your own. Professional office building cleaning services often charge not per hour, but per square footage cleaned. A 3,000 square foot building, for example, can cost around $200 or more per cleaning. Your rates will vary depending on the services you choose.