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Identifying The Best Cleaners

3 Types Of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Small Businesses Should Consider

by Bernard Jennings

If you run a small business, chances are it is your best interest to keep the premises as clean as possible. While a traditional, upright vacuum cleaner meant for home use might seem powerful enough to get the job done, the reality is that commercial grade vacuums offer so much more, especially in term of versatility. So if you're looking to purchase a new cleaner or two for your small business, take a look below at three types to consider.

Backpack Vacuums

Though you don't see them nearly as often as upright cleaners, backpack vacuums offer a wealth of advantages for small businesses that requiring long hours of cleaning. They are lightweight, easily carried (hence the name), and allow for hands-free operation when necessary. If the cleaning the premises of your business means covering a lot of ground, there may be no more sensible and convenient choice than a backpack vacuum. This is all the more true in smaller spaces, or spaces in which there are a number of objects which may make using an upright vacuum cleaner virtually impossible.

Handheld Vacuums

While home cleaners often offer a handheld attachment, it usually pales in comparison to its more powerful commercial cousin. Dedicated handheld vacuums are the perfect solution if your small business has a multitude of stairs that need regular cleaning. Used carefully, they are also great with a variety of cloth surfaces, which means that everything from drapes to upholstery no longer has to collect dust or be carefully hand washed. Though working with a handheld vacuum might be fairly time consuming, the detailed deep cleaning that shows as a result is worth it.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Not all small businesses are meant to have pristine premises. Many are places where messes regularly occur, whether it be a construction site or an art studio. In these environments, backpack and handheld vacuums might simply not be up to the task; instead, businesses should consider investing in an industrial wet/dry vacuum. These types of vacuums can handle all sorts of spills, and in doing so, make the cleanup process that much easier. Without a wet/dry vac, for instance, you may find yourself spending hours with a mop and bucket, desperately trying to get a surface as dry as possible. Even if the damage is relatively severe, you may be surprised by just how big of a difference a wet/dry vacuum can make.  

Reach out to a company selling commercial vacuums for more information about your options.