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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Building Owners Must Maintain Cleanliness To Keep Office Tenants Satisfied

by Bernard Jennings

For a large multi-office building, the tenants are very important. Without happy, long-term tenants, it will become increasingly hard for the owner to maintain success. Never underestimate the importance of building upkeep, particularly when it comes to building cleanliness, if you want to be a successful building owner.

Professional Image

Office tenants are renting their spaces, but for the time being, the location is an extension of their brand. For buildings in which in-office customer interaction is necessary, putting forth the best image possible is very important. Dirty and unkempt common areas will have an impact on the view of the companies that are housed within the building, and this impact won't be a positive one. When a tenant feels like the uncleanliness of the building is hurting their business, they are likely to move out.

Building Upkeep

As a building owner, you set the tone for how your building is cared for. If an owner fails to hire a janitorial service to maintain the common areas of the building, they should not have the expectation that their tenants will go above and beyond to keep their rented spaces clean. Instead, they will have the same level of lackluster care that they perceive the building owner to have. Remember, as the owner of the building, you must lead by example. 

Increased Value

How much a building owner can charge tenants for rent is only partly based on the location of the building and the size of the unit. The condition of the space is also important. If the tenants feel like they are paying for a professional office space, but the common areas of the building are littered with trash and look unattractive because they are not cleaned regularly, they expect to see this reflected in the price of rent. The better you maintain a building, the more rent you can charge. 

Safer Environment

Building owners can be held liable for injuries that occur within the common areas of the building. For example, if the floor in the entryway is not cleaned and mopped regularly and a visitor or tenant falls, they could file a suit against you for their injuries, as it is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain these common areas. Partnering with a janitorial service to regularly clean the common areas of the building keeps everyone safer. 

Partner with a janitorial service to keep your office building cleaner and your tenants satisfied.