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Identifying The Best Cleaners

4 Things You Need To Understand About Mold

by Bernard Jennings

If you have discovered mold in your home, you need to that discovery seriously. Although some mold is harmless, other types of mold can be threatening to your health. When you find mold, you need to understand the threat it presents, and you need to know how to act.

Thing #1: Mold Needs Moisture & Food to Grow

First, you need to understand why mold is growing in your home in the first space. Mold spores float in the air all around you all the time; however, mold only grows when the right conditions are present. Mold needs both moisture and food in order to grow.

Mold needs moisture in order to thrive. Mold also needs access to organic material, which in your home means access to things such as grout, drywall, insulation, paper, wood, and leather. Pretty much any organic material in your home will do. Additionally, mold enjoys darker spaces without a lot of sunlight as well.

Thing #2: There Are Thousands of Types of Mold

There are thousands of different mold species, although there are only a few mold species that tend to grow in homes.

To determine which type of mold is in your home, you need to bring in a professional mold testing service. They will be able to determine the type of mold in your home and will be able to determine how to treat the mold.

Thing #3: More Mold May Be Hiding

Third, it is important to understand that more mold may be hiding in your home. If you can see some mold, there is a good chance that there is more molding hiding. Mold can hide inside of the vents for your HVAC system. It can hide behind the walls and floors in your home.

A mold testing company can check and test throughout your home and figure out if there are other places that are contaminated with mold in your home. You want to get rid of all sources of mold in your home in order to eradicate the mold from your home.

Thing #4: Remove the Mold

Finally, you need to remove the mold. Use the information from the mold testing company and hire a mold abatement company to remove the mold. After the mold abatement company removes the mold, bring the mold testing company back to make sure the mold is irradiated from your home.

If you find mold in your home, you need to take care of it right away. Call mold testing services in your area to determine what type of mold is in your home and to figure out how to treat the mold. Use a mold abatement company to get rid of the mold.