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Identifying The Best Cleaners

A Checklist Of Cleaning Tasks That Need To Be Completed After Construction

by Bernard Jennings

Having changes made to your home can be really rewarding. It is fun to transform your space and enjoy a whole new look. However, after construction is complete, you will need to do some pretty deep cleaning before using the space again. Here is a checklist of cleaning tasks to complete post-construction.

1. Wipe down any counters.

Counters are places where you typically set food (or in the bathroom, grooming products) so you really want them to be clean. Wipe them all down with a microfiber cloth, which should do a good job of grabbing onto the smaller dust particles left from drywall work.

2. Vacuum

If your space has carpets, give them a good vacuum with a brush attachment. Go over everything at least twice. If you do not have carpets, you should still vacuum. Use the floor attachment, and also use the wand to get along baseboards and in corners.

3. Wipe Down Windowsills

Often, windowsills get littered with tiny pieces of debris after construction, but it goes unnoticed until you try to open the window, months later. You don't want this blowing around your clean home when you do open the window, so wipe down the windowsills with a damp cloth.

4. Dust the Ceiling Fan

Surely, the ceiling fan is dusty, and you don't want that dust to rain down over your room the second you turn the fan on. An easy way to dust the ceiling fan is to put a sock over your hand, and then wipe the blades of the fan down with your sock-covered hand. (Do this before you vacuum.)

5. Wipe the Tops of Baseboards

You can vacuum along the baseboards to remove dust and dirt from the bottoms, but you should use a damp cloth to clean the tops more effectively. Rinse the rag often, because baseboards get really dirty.

6. Remove Any Lingering Tape

Sometimes bits of tape get left behind after a space is painted. If you leave these in place for too long, they might leave some residue on your walls. Search for bits of tape, and remove them.

7. Dust and Vacuum Any Grates

Vacuum off any grates on registers and air returns. After you vacuum, use a damp cloth to wipe away any tougher residue. You want to do this before turning the air conditioning or heat back on.

Complete this checklist, and your space should be ready to go. Reach out to a post-construction cleaning company if you need assistance.