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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Power Washing Services 101: Common FAQs

by Bernard Jennings

You have some cleaning that really needs to take place outside of your home, and you come across a company that offers power washing services. If you have only ever used pressure washing services, you may have a few questions. Here is a look at a few common questions.  

How is power washing different from pressure washing?

Even though these two terms are often used interchangeably, there actually is one noteworthy difference between power and pressure washing. Power washing is done with heated water whereas pressure washing relies primarily on high pressure to clean something. Power washers can either be attached with a hose to a home's hot water supply or the more high-grade systems have their own heating systems implemented so water is heated as it passes through the machine. Pressure washers, on the contrary, rely on cold water only and usually only have a pressure tank and motor onboard. 

What types of cleaning are suitable for power washing?

Power washing is not suitable for some types of surfaces because the added heat can actually deteriorate the material. For example, thin vinyl siding could potentially be warped if it were cleaned with a power washer with a temperature setting fairly high. Pressure washing tends to be the safest route to cleaning some surfaces, but power washing can be extremely effective for things like:

  • Cleaning debris off of brick or masonry work 
  • Cleaning concrete or pavement 
  • Cleaning wooden exteriors or implements 
  • Cleaning vehicles 
  • Cleaning patio furniture  

Power washing has rapidly become one of the more popular ways to get things clean outdoors, and there are many applications that fit this professional cleaning method well. 

What are the advantages of power washing?

The advantages of power washing include: 

  • Debris can usually be cleaned from a surface faster 
  • Hot water breaks up more stubborn grime and debris 
  • Power washing can work really well in colder climates

Keep those examples in mind.

Are there any disadvantages of power washing compared to pressure washing?

There are only two disadvantages that could be mentioned when comparing the two. One, if the equipment used relies on hot water, a lot of hot water will have to be fed through the machine, which can be costly. This is why it is best to trust a professional cleaning service that has equipment that actually heats the supplied water itself. Secondly, hot water is not suitable for certain types of surfaces as already mentioned.