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Identifying The Best Cleaners

When you start cleaning your home regularly, it can be easy to side with products that truly aren't that great for your home. Some products have all kinds of chemicals while others are completely ineffective, making it difficult to take care of things like you might want them to. Fortunately, by educating yourself and knowing what you need in the long run, you can dramatically improve the process you have set up for cleaning and enjoy your environment a little easier. Check out this blog for great tips and tricks about identifying and using the best cleaners, since making the right choices now can really pay off down the road.


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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Tips To Protect The Investment Of New Carpeting In The Home

by Bernard Jennings

Carpeting the home is a big investment that can easily be wasted if you don't do your part in caring for the carpeting. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep your carpet looking, feeling, and smelling as nice as it did the first day that it was installed.

Vacuuming Techniques

First of all, you need a quality vacuum to use each week. The vacuum must have enough suction to pull the dust and dirt out of the deepest carpet fibers to avoid the carpet fibers from prematurely breaking down. The vacuum should also have a self-adjusting head – this will prevent you from running the vacuum with the brushes pressed too far into the carpet or not far enough. Too much pressure from the brushes will beat the carpet and cause the fibers to wear out much faster.

When vacuuming, move in different directions. If you vacuum in the same direction each time, a lot of the dust and dirt that is deep in the fibers will be missed. Create patterns in the carpeting for a more professionally cleaned look and to ensure that you're moving those carpet fibers in all directions each time you vacuum.

Don't forget the edges and stairs. Sure, these parts of the carpet are more difficult to vacuum, but if you skip them, they will begin to discolor and gather dust and dirt that isn't good for the carpeting or for you to breathe in.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once each year. Unlike the carpet cleaning machines sold at your local department store, the equipment that the professionals use will extract most of the moisture that's required to deep clean the carpet. Using those lesser quality machines can result in mold growth and discolorations as the moisture is left in the carpet and padding.

If you have children and pets, you may want to have the carpets professionally cleaned more often. The same goes if you have someone in the home that suffers from allergies or asthma. If someone in the home is sensitive to cleaning solutions, inquire about the use of chemical-free cleaning techniques. There are several ways to get the carpets cleaned without using chemicals that could cause inflammation of the throat and lungs for those sensitive to those products.

Talk with your local carpet cleaning professional to learn more about keeping up with the carpet cleaning to protect the investment you've made in the carpeting and keep the home looking and smelling great.