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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Clean The Exterior Of Your Home Without Causing Damage By Soft Washing It

by Bernard Jennings

The exterior of your home can get stained and ugly over time. If your home is in shade, mold and algae might cover the roof and siding. If you live near a dusty area, your home might get coated in dust and dirt. While pressure washing is a quick way to clean something as large as your house, the pressure of the water is a danger to roofing shingles and some types of siding. The solution is to hire a soft washing company to clean the exterior of your home. Here's why this is a good option and how it works.

Why Soft Washing Is A Preferred Cleaning Method

Some surfaces, such as concrete on a driveway, are able to withstand the powerful force of a pressure washer. Materials like asphalt shingles, brick, wood, and glass can be easily damaged by the pressure. It's not worth getting clean siding at the expense of being left with unsightly damage.

The reason soft washing is a good way to clean your home is that high water pressure is avoided so there is no risk of damage. Instead, a low-pressure system that's comparable to using a garden hose is used along with cleaning products that target the type of buildup or stain. The end result is a clean home that's left with no high-pressure damage.

How Soft Washing Is Done

Soft washing is done using equipment that looks similar to a pressure washer except the water pressure is so low the spray isn't dangerous or destructive. The technician uses a wand that aims water at your house, and the wand has tips of different diameters that control the water. For instance, if you have a two-story house, a tip with a smaller diameter is needed to shoot the water to the top of the second level.

Cleaning solutions are added to the water as it's sprayed on your house. These solutions not only remove stains, but they also kill mold and other organisms that grow on your roof and siding. This gets your home cleaner and keeps mold and algae away longer than if you just blast off the surface discoloration with a pressure washer. Once the cleaning solution is applied, it is allowed to work on the stains to break them apart and kill the organisms before it's rinsed off.

Soft washing is gentle enough that the technician can wash the entire exterior of your home, including glass windows, screens, and shutters, without causing harm. Soft washing can be used on any siding product, including wood. Soft washing can also be used to clean algae from a fence or deck. You can even have an asphalt shingle roof cleaned by soft washing the roof using the same process of applying cleaning products and then rinsing them off.