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When you start cleaning your home regularly, it can be easy to side with products that truly aren't that great for your home. Some products have all kinds of chemicals while others are completely ineffective, making it difficult to take care of things like you might want them to. Fortunately, by educating yourself and knowing what you need in the long run, you can dramatically improve the process you have set up for cleaning and enjoy your environment a little easier. Check out this blog for great tips and tricks about identifying and using the best cleaners, since making the right choices now can really pay off down the road.


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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Two Simple, Natural Housecleaning Recipes

by Bernard Jennings

Lots of people are looking to find cleaning products that use fewer chemicals, whether doing their own house clearing or when hiring house cleaning services. One way to get more natural cleaning solutions is to make some of your cleaning products yourself.  

Bonus: You can save a lot this way, too, and it's a great idea for people who are sensitive to the fragrances in cleaning products.

Want to get two really simple and natural recipes that will tackle most cleaning needs in your home? Try these!

Glass/Mirror Cleaner

For a glass/mirror cleaner and a general household cleaner, you're going to need the following:

  • spray bottle
  • stick-on label
  • vodka

Now, many cleaning recipes call for white vinegar, but as that's an "acquired aroma," especially when clearing a steamy bathroom. With vodka, there's no lingering odor. In fact, vodka neutralizes odors, it disinfects, and it's cheap! There's no need to buy an expensive vodka for this. Get the cheapest one you can find, down on the bottom shelf, because we're not going for taste, just cleaning power. If you want to save even more money, dilute it with water.

Mix all of the ingredients together. You can also add essential oils if you like. For safety, be sure to make a label like "Vodka Glass Cleaner" so everyone knows what it's for and what's in it.

Bonus: This also makes a great fabric refresher for all soft surfaces like bedding, sofas, and curtains. It makes a great pre-wash spray for underarm odors on garments. It's also an inexpensive but effective disinfectant for common household surfaces during cold and flu season like door handles, faucet handles, and the handle on the refrigerator door.

General Cleaner

  • spray bottle
  • stick-on label
  • castile soap
  • vodka
  • corn starch

Now, for a simple general cleaner, you can take a second spray bottle and fill it with vodka, dilute it with water if you like, and add a small squirt of castile soap. It won't take much castile soap, which is another savings. This general cleaning solution can be used all over the house. 

For extra scrubbing power that isn't as abrasive to sensitive skin as baking soda, pour out a little corn starch and then spray your vodka/castile mixture. Now you've got a good scrub to get rid of soap scum in sinks and tubs as well a great grease buster in the kitchen.

These cleaners are simple, chemical-free, great multi-taskers, and they're safe for granite and other porous stone surfaces.

For more information on natural cleaners, reach out to a professional house cleaning service.