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Identifying The Best Cleaners

When you start cleaning your home regularly, it can be easy to side with products that truly aren't that great for your home. Some products have all kinds of chemicals while others are completely ineffective, making it difficult to take care of things like you might want them to. Fortunately, by educating yourself and knowing what you need in the long run, you can dramatically improve the process you have set up for cleaning and enjoy your environment a little easier. Check out this blog for great tips and tricks about identifying and using the best cleaners, since making the right choices now can really pay off down the road.


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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Tips For Cleaning Windows Like A Pro

by Bernard Jennings

Have you ever wondered why your windows always look streaky after you clean them, but after professionals clean them, they look sparkling and pristine? The professionals do have some special ways to ensure they get great results every time. However, it's pretty easy to follow these same strategies and clean your own windows with professional results. Without further ado, here are the strategies:

1. Use a Squeegee

The problem with using a rag or paper towel to clean your windows, which is what most homeowners do, is that the cloth just sweeps the dirt around rather than fully removing it from the window's surface. Professionals use a squeegee. They start at the top of the window and go back and forth, slowly pushing the dirt farther and farther down the glass. Eventually, they reach the bottom of the window, where the dirty water drips off and can be wiped away. You can find a small squeegee, made for window cleaning and other small jobs, in most home improvement stores and even in the cleaning aisle of some grocery stores.

2. Use Soapy Water

The sprayable, ammonia-based cleaners that most homeowners use on windows do an okay job, but they are not as good as the soapy cleaners that professionals use along with their squeegees. You can use plain dish soap with water, or you can buy a dedicated soapy window cleaner. Mix the soap with water in a spray bottle and apply it liberally to the window before you apply the squeegee process. The squeegee does a very thorough job of removing everything, so you don't have to worry about rinsing the window afterward.

3. Wait for a Cool Day

You don't want to clean your windows on a day that is too warm. Professionals know this and will avoid cleaning windows that are in direct sunlight. They may even reschedule if the temperatures skyrocket. When it's too warm, the cleaner starts drying on the window too fast, which can lead to streaks. You will get better results if you wait for a cloudy, cool day to clean your windows. This goes for both the outside and inside of your windows.

With the tips above, you can get better results when cleaning your windows. When in doubt, you can also hire a professional window cleaner. Most offer affordable services and can clean all of the windows in a home within a few hours.

To learn more about window cleaning, contact professional window cleaners in your area.