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Identifying The Best Cleaners

3 Things To Know About Gutter Cleaning

by Bernard Jennings

Gutter cleaning is an essential home maintenance chore, but it isn't always easy to keep up with. If your home has more than one level, cleaning the gutters can even be dangerous. Hiring gutter cleaning services is a good way to keep your gutters cleaned out while staying safe. Here are three things to know about gutter cleaning.

1. Gutters Should Be Cleaned As Often As Needed

While cleaning your gutters once a year might be sufficient, the frequency of cleaning depends on how fast the gutters accumulate debris. If you live on a lot with many trees, you might need to clean out your gutters twice a year or even more frequently. Keeping gutters clean is important so rain can drain. That means it's just as important to have clear gutters in the spring and summer as it is to clear leaves out in the fall.

2. Cleaning Leaves By Hand Might Be Best

You can buy hose attachments for cleaning gutters, but the best way is usually to do it by hand. This requires working from a ladder or roof and digging out clumps of leaves and other debris and collecting the leaves in a bucket. By pushing leaves out with a water stream, they might all dam up around the downspout.

Cleaning out leaves by hand gives the gutter cleaning service a chance to look for damage up close too. Cleaning by hand is a thorough way to get rid of debris, but it should be followed by a water or air rinse to get rid of small leaf bits and dirt.

3. The Outsides Need To Be Cleaned Too

Trees can leave stains on your gutters or birds that nest in trees might leave droppings on the troughs, so you'll want to clean the gutters on the outside to make them more attractive and to remove acid from pollution and bird droppings. The downspout is even more visible than the troughs, so it may need to be cleaned to get rid of dirt or stains. The inside of the downspout should also be rinsed with running water to check for clogs so the clogs can be dislodged if necessary.

It can be a lot of work to clean out your home's gutters, especially if you have a large house surrounded by trees, but proper rain drainage is important. By hiring a gutter cleaning service one or more times each year, you might prevent wet basement issues and roof damage. A cleaning service has all the right supplies to get your gutters clean without causing damage to your gutters or roof.