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Identifying The Best Cleaners

When you start cleaning your home regularly, it can be easy to side with products that truly aren't that great for your home. Some products have all kinds of chemicals while others are completely ineffective, making it difficult to take care of things like you might want them to. Fortunately, by educating yourself and knowing what you need in the long run, you can dramatically improve the process you have set up for cleaning and enjoy your environment a little easier. Check out this blog for great tips and tricks about identifying and using the best cleaners, since making the right choices now can really pay off down the road.


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Identifying The Best Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners

by Bernard Jennings

If a member of your family is of the furry variety, you no doubt know how to do a bit of carpet cleaning. No matter how well-trained pets are, accidents happen. Animals can be very hard on your home, especially on carpet. There are many tricks and tips on how to keep your carpet looking fresh, though hiring regular professional carpet cleaning services is probably the best way to do that. Most companies recommend getting your carpets done every 6 months or so if you have pets. This is due to the fact that, in addition to accidents that may happen, your pet is bringing in dirt and debris from outside, shedding dander, and leaving oils from their skin on your carpet. With all of that comes a slight smell that can easily be removed with professional carpet cleaning. Between professional sessions, there are a few things that you can do in order to keep your home as clean as possible.

Vacuum Regularly

Pet hair and dander is one of the most obvious challenges of having an animal in your home. Some people seem to believe that it cannot be beaten, so why worry, but this can actually cause more damage to your carpet. All of that hair can build up and matt into the carpet, making it very difficult to remove. Vacuuming every other day or so should keep it at a nice minimum. 

Clean Up Accidents Quickly

When accidents do happen, they should not be allowed to settle into the carpet. Underneath carpet is a pad that easily soaks up liquids and can really hang on to smells. You should try to clean up any liquids such as urine or vomit before they get to that point.

Use Enzyme Cleaners for Urine

Using enzyme cleaners is an excellent way to get out soaked in stains. These cleaners work on a molecular level to separate the mess from the fibers of your carpet. While they may be slightly more expensive they work much better than most home remedies or non-enzyme cleaners. Simply cover the mess with the cleaner, let it work for 10-20 minutes, and then clean it up. 

In conclusion, having a pet does not have to be a death sentence for your carpet. With these simple steps and regular professional cleanings, your carpet will make it through just fine. Call your local professional carpet cleaning service to schedule your next cleaning.